The Agent89 Credo

Agent89’s mission is to let web designers offer ethical search engine optimization services that work without having to worry about someone else fiddling with their code or design, while letting them spend time doing what they do best: Designing great websites.

SEO and Design No Longer Need to Compete

Effective SEO and compelling, purposeful web design seem to clash. Every web designer and developer has heard the same thing: Add meta tags and text, text, and more text filled with keywords to your websites and watch your client’s rankings take off. Tons of text and a few meta tags does not equal effective SEO and doesn’t enhance your design or inspire your client’s visitors to take action.

We know that your skeptical of SEO firms who will fiddle with your code and stifle your design. We were too, as designers looking to give our client’s a boost in organic search. Agent89’s SEO reseller plans were developed to foster a collaborative effort between SEO and design. SEO and web design no longer need to compete- They can peacefully coexist and give your client’s the visibility they deserve.

Agent89 is an SEO Web Design Company

Agent89’s SEO reseller plans have been developed by web designers, for web designers. Designers who place special emphasis on usability, ethical design, and purposefulness over glitz and flash. And designers who want to give their clients maximum visibility and results.

Agent89’s packages let you resell organic search engine optimization without having to sweat over title tags, keyword research, and copywriting, and without having to worry that your design and code will be altered, or that the website you put your heart and soul into will read like a piece of spam. You will be able to:

  • Get your client both targeted and unforeseen traffic from natural search using only ethical white-glove techniques
  • Boost your client’s brand awareness
  • Enhance the stickiness of your web design thru compelling copy
  • Give the website that you designed more visibility so your work gets noticed
  • Implement ethical, white-hat search engine optimization into your client’s website the way you want it implemented
  • Create an additional revenue stream without increasing your workload
  • Learn the fundamentals of organic SEO
  • Impress qualified prospects by offering them a complete package with design and search engine optimization

    Your Partner in Internet Marketing

    Our goal is to take the pain and skepticism out of search engine marketing, while making you look like a hero in the eyes of your clients and prospects. Let us help you give your clients the best of the web now!

White Labeling Lets Agent89 Become Your (Silent) Internet Marketing Partner

Agent89’s SEO reseller plans can add additional revenue streams to your business thanks to our white labeling. We’ll prepare all of our reports without our name or logo so that you can add your own branding. Feel free to upsell and resell search engine optimization to your clients while preserving your corporate identity, comfortable knowing you’re working with experts. Our focus on increasing conversion rates will make the website you’ve designed perform even better. We’ll do the hard work, and you’ll be the hero.

SEO Reseller Packages Make Effective Web Design Get Noticed

It’s no secret that a Field of Dreams mentality doesn’t work these days on the Internet. You must have a cohesive plan to get visibility. Agent89’s SEO services will help your clients leverage the power and reach of search. Sign up for one of our SEO reseller packages today, and start giving your designs the visibility they deserve.

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At Agent89, SEO it’s not about fiddling with code or stuffing pages with keywords. It’s about using time–tested ethical SEO techniques to:

  • Attract targeted visitors from top organic search engine rankings
  • Enhance website stickiness thru compelling copy and strong calls–to–action
  • Inspire visitors to move thru the conversion cycle
  • Give beautiful websites the visibility they deserve