Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions. Have a question that's not answered here? Feel free to contact us now.


What is Agent89?
Agent89 is an innovative service that offers Search Engine Optimization to web professionals and their clients. We know your clients are asking about getting higher rankings for their important business terms, and that you don't want to see them partner with a company that you don't know and can't rely on. Agent89 lets you add another valuable income stream to your current services while never sacrificing the quality of your work and the trust of your client.
What happens after I place my order?
Less than 12 hours after you place your order, Agent89 will email you a short questionnaire for you to complete (with or without your client). This will help learn about your client’s website and industry so that we can develop a natural optimization strategy that will meet their objectives. Once we receive the completed questionnaire, your account manager will contact you to arrange delivery and format of everything your package includes.
How long will it take for my rankings to improve?
Most items Agent89 provides should be relatively quick to implement. While the time it takes for rankings to be affected varies from website to website, clients typically start to see ranking increases within 4-6 months of implementing the work.
Does Agent89 offer link building/incoming link services?
Not at this time. While incoming links are an important part of SEO, links that don't match up with the on-page factors don't do much good. Our clients have had the most success with link building after putting up well-optimized pages and building links using keywords we provide. We are, however, glad to give advice around how to incorporate our deliverables with some link-building tactics you or your client can use once you've placed your order. Just let us know!

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Our Process

I'm uncomfortable giving my client's name out. How do I know I won't be cut out of the loop?
All of Agent89’s correspondence will be directly to you. We will never attempt to contact your client and will not ask for their contact information. This allows you to white-label and resell our work while preserving the integrity of your brand and your client relationships.
I don’t want you touching my website or my design. Can I still use Agent89?
Absolutely! In fact, our plans were created as they are just for that reason--we know you don’t want anyone muddling with your code and your design. We’ll deliver all of work to you with a detailed work order so that you can implement things on your own, the way you want them done. Want us to help? We’d be happy to provide you with a price quote for Agent89 to assist with getting everything live.
Isn’t SEO an unethical or “black hat” way of spamming the search engines?
Agent89 is strictly a white-hat company with a firm code of ethics. Our organic search engine optimization programs are designed to make your client’s website genuinely more relevant to the keywords being targeted, and don't involve any form of keyword stuffing, cloaking, or misleading the search engines. We follow best practices on every job we do, without exception.

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Order Questions

What’s the turnaround time for my order?
Site audits and keyword reports will generally be delivered within 7 business days of placing the order. Our organic search engine optimization programs generally take 4-7 weeks to complete.
I ordered a package with copy. What if my client doesn’t like the copy that Agent89 provides?
Our SEO copywriting program includes one complete round of revisions to the content we provide. Simply give us some feedback and we will be happy to re-work the copy to meet your client’s needs. We also typically deliver a few pages before we start writing the balance, so we can make sure you're completely happy with the tone, style, and general direction.
What if I want to upgrade to a more advanced package after I purchase a site audit?
Excellent! Simply contact us within two weeks of receiving the audit, and we will credit you for half the original cost of the SEO technical audit (as long as the new package is for the same site).
Is there any guarantee on rankings or website visibility?
Agent89 uses time-tested, ethical best practices when performing on-site optimization and consulting. While we cannot guarantee rankings or performance, we can say that our approach has proven success—and our past clients agree.

Do you have other questions? Feel free to contact us.

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White Labeling Lets Agent89 Become Your (Silent) Internet Marketing Partner

Agent89’s SEO reseller plans can add additional revenue streams to your business thanks to our white labeling. We’ll prepare all of our reports without our name or logo so that you can add your own branding. Feel free to upsell and resell search engine optimization to your clients while preserving your corporate identity, comfortable knowing you’re working with experts. Our focus on increasing conversion rates will make the website you’ve designed perform even better. We’ll do the hard work, and you’ll be the hero.

SEO Reseller Packages Make Effective Web Design Get Noticed

It’s no secret that a Field of Dreams mentality doesn’t work these days on the Internet. You must have a cohesive plan to get visibility. Agent89’s SEO services will help your clients leverage the power and reach of search. Sign up for one of our SEO reseller packages today, and start giving your designs the visibility they deserve.

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At Agent89, SEO it’s not about fiddling with code or stuffing pages with keywords. It’s about using time–tested ethical SEO techniques to:

  • Attract targeted visitors from top organic search engine rankings
  • Enhance website stickiness thru compelling copy and strong calls–to–action
  • Inspire visitors to move thru the conversion cycle
  • Give beautiful websites the visibility they deserve